Know These Common Insurance Company Tactics

You might have been a loyal customer of your insurance provider for years, never failing to make monthly payments. Unfortunately, loyalty doesn't ensure that your insurance is going to give you a fair payment for your property damages. Some insurance companies use known tactics to pay customers as little as possible. Florida storms will likely cause you to need your insurance someday. We at MAS Law Firm want you to know what to look out for when filing a claim with your insurance. Know these common insurance company tactics and how we can fight them:

  • Delay your payment for as long as possible. Your insurance company might try to delay your payment so you are more willing to accept a smaller settlement. Allowing our team to make a full evaluation of your claim early will help you make sure that you get a fair offer. As long as you cooperate with the carrier's investigation, the insurance company should be issuing payment for covered damages within 90 days of reporting the claim.
  • Claim some of the damages are a result of your neglect. Every insurance policy requires homeowners to protect their home from additional damage following a loss. In certain situations, a mitigation company may be necessary to protect your home from additional damage, such as mold, deterioration or additional water intrusion. MAS Law Firm will evaluate the circumstances of your damage and refer the necessary mitigators to ensure that your compliance with policy conditions. Often, unaware homeowners will rely on the insurance company too much and fail to take any independent steps to protect the home. This may result in a denial of coverage due to neglect.
  • Some of the damage is due to wear and tear. It is common for insurance companies to try to avoid paying for some damages by saying the damages are pre-existing or caused by wear and tear. Wear and tear is an extremely broad exclusion because all property has some form of wear and tear. Property owners must be vigilant to ensure that insurance companies do not take advantage of the ambiguous nature of the wear and tear exclusion. If your claim was denied because of wear and tear, contact MAS Law Firm for a case evaluation.
  • They might ask you to sign a release. A release might free your insurance from any liability to pay for damages. You should never sign a contract without an attorney present.
  • Blame damage on something not covered in your policy. Often, an insurance company will claim that the water damages you received are a result of flood damage, which most insurance rarely covers. This can result in devalued or denied claims. Homeowners must be vigilant and seek an independent analysis of the cause of the damage to ensure that the insurance company is acting in good faith.

We Stand Up For Homeowners

If you feel like your insurance is not being fair with your claims process, our lawyers help you fight back. We are in Miami. Contact us online or call us at 855-391-5737 for a free consultation and site inspection.


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