You Don’t Have To Settle For A Delay

Your repairman doesn't make you wait months before they fix your car, and your electrician doesn't stall repairs for months. So, you may be surprised when your insurance provider delays your insurance claim payment. Unfortunately, this is more of a common practice than you might think. Florida storms can cause heavy damage to your home, and you shouldn't have to fight your insurance company just to get the service that you pay for every month. If you have a delayed property insurance claim, we can help speed up the process.

Steps You Can Take To Speed Up A Claim

You should know that delaying your payment is a strategy that insurance companies use so that you are more willing to accept a lowball offer for your claim. To fight this tactic, there are things that you can do to speed things up.

It is important to know that insurance companies need to schedule an inspection no later than 20 days from your first call about your damages, and they have a total of 90 days to finish their adjustment. When dealing with your insurance, keep frequent communications open with them, but remain courteous and polite when you do so. If the person you speak with isn't providing you the answers you are looking for, do not be afraid to speak to a supervisor. You might find more progress through those superior channels. Our attorneys can handle communication with the insurance company if they do not address your claim.

Stay Organized And Well-Documented

If your first few calls aren't working, start writing letters. Insurance companies are more likely to acknowledge letters in a timely manner, compared to phone calls. Keep dates and copies of everything you send, and the calls you take. If, after taking these initial steps, your insurance provider's actions aren't satisfying, call an attorney. A good lawyer can help you get the payment you deserve, when you deserve it.

We Can Advocate For You

If you feel like your insurance provider is making you wait it out, don't hesitate to get help today. Contact MAS Law Firm online or at 855-391-5737 and set up a free consultation at our Miami location.


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