What You Can Do To Make Your Insurance Company Take Responsibility

When you buy homeowners insurance, you are buying the peace of mind that if tragedy should strike your home, you won't have anything to worry about. Unfortunately, insurance companies often do not have your best interests at heart when evaluating your property damage. As a result, many legitimate property damage claims are improperly assessed, which results in denials, underpayments and below deductible determinations. MAS Law Firm represents property owners in Florida who believe the insurance company did not properly assess their property damage claim. We advocate for homeowners facing the following types of damages and more:

We also know how to fight for you so that you can receive those funds. If you feel that your insurance company has rejected, postponed or challenged your claim for damages in an unfair way, you may have a case to dispute their actions.

Let's Make Sure Your Needs Are Met

When it comes to business practices, insurance companies are for-profit businesses, which is why their goal is always to make sure they save as much money as possible. The for-profit business model results in insurance companies looking to pay as little as possible for your damages, rather than paying you what you deserve. What's worse, the insurance company will often have a team of lawyers, adjusters, contractors and engineers all working for the insurance company justifying their actions. For these reasons, it is imperative that property owners retain the help of an insurance attorney to ensure that the insurance company acted in good faith in reaching its decision about your property damage. These are all examples in which our law firm can help you.

Take What Is Yours With The Help Of An Experienced Lawyer

MAS Law Firm understands how frustrating it can be to be rejected and refused by an insurance company. If you or a loved one in the Miami area needs an attorney's help at getting the insurance company to cooperate, contact us at 855-391-5737 for a free consultation and damage evaluation today.


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