Have You Faced Fire Or Smoke Damage To Your Home?

Facing a fire at home or enduring serious smoke damage is a frightening time for you and your family. Your property can be significantly damaged, and fire or heat absorption can significantly impact the structural integrity of buildings. Adding to the threat is an often-underestimated threat of lasting smoke damage.

At MAS Law Firm, we understand the tumultuous aftershock that a fire can cause. From clothing to appliances to irreplaceable memories, all can potentially be lost in a fire. The stress only increases when a valid insurance claim is denied, delayed or underpaid.

Understanding The Scope Of Fire And Smoke Damage

A fire in one room can damage belonging and surfaces throughout the entire property and cause odors that may last for years.

Most of the time, fires can be detected on time thanks to state-of-the-art fire alarm systems; however, the smoke damage is evident and needs to be addressed as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

Unfounded Claims Of Arson

A very common excuse that insurance companies tend to make is the accusation of arson. In the case of arson, fire damage would not be covered under the insurance policy. This burden of proof lies entirely in the hands of the insurance company.

If there is instance of a claim denial without factual evidence, the insurance company could be in violation.

Let Us Help You And Your Home

MAS Law Firm represents policyholders who have diligently paid their costly insurance premiums with the expectation of coverage. Additionally, we represent remediation companies that have promptly responded to provide emergency services and have proper assignment of benefits, and yet are denied payment by the insurance company.

Please contact MAS Law Firm in Miami, Florida, as soon as possible to discuss your claim with a lawyer. The sooner you act, the easier we can conduct a free site visit. We also offer free consultations on your case by calling 855-391-5737 or using our online contact form.


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