Your Mold Damage May Not Be Covered By Your Insurance

Hearing your home has mold damage is a frustrating experience. Mold begins to visibly appear on surfaces within 24 to 72 hours of water exposure. A small water leak inside a wall or a roof can lead to major mold infestation and property damage. The full extent of the damage can be unclear until further investigation, and your homeowners insurance may not give you the coverage you expect.

At MAS Law Firm, we understand your frustrations and are available to make the insurance claims process simple and beneficial to you.

Are You Covered For Mold?

Certain "all risk" homeowners insurance policies may cover mold damage if the mold growth is a direct result of a covered peril, such as water damage. Other policies, such as "named peril," may have mold exclusions that will leave you with the entire bill for repairs.

Mold coverage depends entirely on the event that caused the mold. That is why it is important to focus on how the mold began to grow, as opposed to the mold itself. Homeowners often report the presence of mold alone to their insurance companies, which is a mistake. Mold is almost always excluded, unless it was caused by a covered cause of loss. An experienced attorney can evaluate your policy and property damage to ensure that mold damage is correctly reported, evaluated and compensated. Unfortunately, in many cases, your insurance company will not check for mold.

What To Expect After Finding Mold Damage

Be sure to have a professional mold assessment company document that you do in fact have mold. They also must document that the mold resulted from the property damage you incurred.

Once mold is confirmed, it is important that property owners retain the services of a mold remediation company to stop the spread of additional mold and to remove any existing mold.

Mold remediation work can be very costly. However, most homeowners insurance policies provide coverage for mold removal. Therefore, it is important that you provide the proper reports your insurance company requires. If you do not, they will not pay for your mold claim. Repairs can take time and displace you from your home — understanding your options during mold remediation is essential.

Help For Denied Claims

If your insurance company is denying your mold insurance claim, whether you are a homeowner or remediation company, contact MAS Law Firm today.

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