What Can You Do After Becoming A Victim Of A Roof Or Pipe Leak

Roof and pipe leak damage in your home can cause significant property damage. Water is absorbed by drywall, wood and other building material resulting in deterioration and mold. Often, insurance companies review only surface damage and neglect damage present behind drywall, cabinets, flooring and other building material. A forensic review of all damaged areas is necessary to ensure that all damage is appropriately accounted for. It is your insurance company's responsibility to investigate all relevant damage. Our team will evaluate whether the insurance company complied with its responsibility to consider all relevant damages and represent you against your insurance company if they failed to do so.

Heavy rain and wind is a natural part of Florida weather, and the damage that water and wind can do to your roof may cause it to become structurally unstable, and even cause fires if it reaches electrical wiring. This damage doesn't just pose risk to the structural integrity to your home, but threatens your and your family's health as well. Unchecked leaks can become a breeding ground for mold that can make its way into your ventilation system, walls and carpets. People don't often realize that a leak in their roof or pipes can make their entire home uninhabitable.

Make Sure That Your Insurance Company Gives You What You Deserve

The main goal of any business, insurance companies included, is to profit as much as possible from their business. Because of this, when your insurance company needs to cover the damages of an unnoticed leak in your home, they will often try to pay as little as possible for your damages, even if it is less than what you deserve for your damages.

If you feel that your insurance company is being unfair with your damage claim, you need an attorney who can fight for what the insurance company owes you. MAS Law Firm knows how to make sure that your insurance isn't cutting corners with your needs. If you have experienced a leak in your home, get a lawyer to make sure you get what you deserve.

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