Six Steps You Can Take To File A Property Insurance Claim

There is a lot you must do to obtain rightful coverage after experiencing a hurricane or another type of property damage. It is important to know the steps of a property insurance claim. The attorneys of MAS Law Firm have listed some of the first measures you can take:

  1. Document everything. Once you are certain there is no major structural damage or live wires in your home, thoroughly photograph all the damage your property received. You will likely only be able to capture the surface damages, and you will need a professional to come in and document the water damage with thermal imaging and moisture analysis.
  2. Call your insurance provider. Keeping open communications with your insurance company is critical to receiving a fair payment for your damages. In the initial call, vividly describe the damages to your home, and offer to send them pictures. This can improve the chances that they fairly assess the damage.
  3. Let the insurance adjuster evaluate the damages. Once your insurance provider is aware of the major damages to your home, they will send an insurance adjuster to your home to evaluate the damages firsthand. It is important to be present for this evaluation so that you can help the adjuster make sure they do not overlook any hidden damage.
  4. Get an independent analysis of the damage. Once your insurance has done an inspection, get an experienced inspector to review the damages as well. At MAS Law Firm, we have a skilled team to fully evaluate home damage. Having a second inspection gives you a cost assessment of your damages and can help make sure your insurance properly covers your damages.
  5. Know what comes next. After a major Florida hurricane or storm, your insurance company will likely be busy with an influx of claims, but that does not excuse them from helping you in a timely manner. Your insurance company needs to respond and schedule an inspection of your home within 20 days from the time you give notice about your damages. Your insurance company also needs to finish their adjustment within 90 days of the report date as well.
  6. Get the payment you deserve. If you feel that your insurance provider is trying to delay, underpay or unfairly deny coverage for your damages, you still have options. We will fight for the payment you deserve.

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