We Can Inspect Your Water And Flood Damage For Your Claim

Water damage can come as a result of a leaking roof, a pipe burst or external factors such as storms or floods. Whether you see it or not, water continues to seep downward into the lowest recesses of a building. Then, through a phenomenon called osmotic pressure, water can also get absorbed and climb walls and furniture.

MAS Law Firm can help you understand the extent of the damage to your home and exactly what your homeowners insurance policy will cover.

Working With Insurance Companies

The cause and extent of the water damage need to be clearly defined in your claim. Unfortunately, you may discover that your insurance policy may not cover all types of water damage.

Additionally, many insurance providers have steadily declined coverage on water damage claims over the years. Understanding the nuances of your water damage and policy is essential to get you the repairs you deserve — and not out of your own pocket.

One key differentiation in these insurance claim cases is determining water damage versus flood damage. A typical homeowners insurance policy will specifically dictate that water that causes damage to a home prior to coming into contact with the ground is not to be considered flood water. This differentiation can largely affect your claim's coverage.

MAS Law Firm Takes Immediate Action

We take important and urgent steps to prevent further damage to your home and your claim. We know firsthand that unchecked water damage can quickly manifest into mold, requiring expensive repairs.

Furthermore, the insurance company may claim that you neglected to protect your property and refuse to cover the costs. We will refer the appropriate mitigation teams who can step in with protective measures to reduce the chances of this happening.

If your insurance company is denying your water insurance claim, whether you are a homeowner or remediation company, contact MAS Law Firm today. We serve residents of South Florida from our office in Miami.

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